Bob Ravenscroft

Bob Ravenscroft, the widely-acclaimed jazz keyboardist and composer, is all about a lifelong pursuit of making great jazz music and exploring new ground. He anchors the new Ravenswave Recordings® label, which has emerged as a special, state-of-the-art “audiophile jazz” music company dedicated to capturing the sound of jazz as “lush” and “intimate” as today’s rapidly-advancing recording techniques will allow.

Bob currently performs in concert both solo and with his exciting new group Inner Journeys, and is developing new concepts as part of his Jazz in Sacred Spaces series. The Arizona Republic recently named his trio "Best Jazz Group."

In addition to his love for the acoustic piano, Bob is also a master at creating textures with electronic keyboards, and Ravenswave has released Bob's new Peace Within, featuring his dramatic synthesizer sounds.

Bob Ravenscroft’s unique playing style has been described as everything from sensitive and seasoned to far-ranging and free or “impressionistic.” Whatever it is, it’s always “something else!”

Style: Contemporary Jazz

Trio or solo

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Inner Journeys
Inner Journeys
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