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Marketing Edge Southwest

  C.A.N.-Communication Arts Network
SAM’s sister firm and an expert at “guerilla marketing” (aka nontraditional) and publicity that can hit music reviewers, feature editors, news show producers and others with artist info, bios, pix and promo CDs. The marketing value we generate for a single event can be significant!
Melodik Records   Melodik Records
Coming soon...
Ravenswave Recordings

  Ravenswave Recordings
The Bob Ravenscroft Trio anchors the new Ravenswave® label, which has emerged as a special, state-of-the-art “audiophile jazz” music company dedicated to capturing the sound of jazz as “lush” and “intimate” as today’s rapidly-advancing recording techniques will allow. New on the label is the great quartet Seeds.... check them all out.
Scottsdale Gallery Association

  Scottsdale Gallery Association
Internationally known as a mecca for art collectors, Scottsdale is home to more than 100 galleries. The Scottsdale Gallery Association was formed by professional art dealers to promote these fine art galleries. SAM coordinates all entertainment for the City of Scottsdale and the Scottsdale ArtWalk...a 30-year tradition and Scottsdale Signature Event!
Dawn Records
  Dawn Records
Independent country western artist Rhonda Towns brings sweet music to the masses with her label.
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