Grant Ferguson
He wields one of the sharpest axes around. Now guitarist Grant Ferguson is branching out into new areas and reaching new fans. Melodic instrumental rock…welcome back!
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Samples Available: On demo CD
Bullet Proof Soul   Bullet Proof Soul
Breezy. Progressive. Sophisticated. Bullet Proof Soul designs and performs original, Rhythmic AC music that feels as good as it sounds. Their songs are groove-oriented with memorable pop hooks and strong R&B influences.
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Samples Available: On demo CD
Submerged into the Southwest music scene, a transplant from the east coast, Jeordie has a new way of approaching music and it’s not ever set in stone. Being a daughter of '60s musical artist Melanie ("Brand New Key," "Lay Down," "Beautiful People") she has performed on stage since age five. Her family life always revolved around music and, while it may have been a very "gypsy" kind of lifestyle, she wouldn't have traded it for the world.
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Brian Chartrand   Brian Chartrand
Brian Chartrand has been performing his unique originals since 1992, from early gigs in New England and New York City up to his present day prowess on the Southwest scene. The singer-songwriter-guitarist is great solo or with his clever acoustic rock band, Ten Dollar Outfit.
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Jumbo Jr.   So and So
This one-woman band features original songs with a modern and innovative twist on traditional, sentimental pop music.
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Josh Foster Josh Foster
Multi-instrumentalist and emerging “emo” songwriter. Josh is an upbeat and engaging new recording artist and live performer, whether playing solo or with his brand new band, Manufactured
Defects. A new CD is expected soon...
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  Matt Yaki
Born in British-era Hong Kong, steeped in the oceans of California and Hawaii, Matt Yaki is a new world mix of cultures and styles. Schooled in the traditions of classical and jazz, raised in a life of rock, funk and hiphop, Matt’s music bridges all avenues of life.
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